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Become a Keto OS Pruvit Promoter in Australia.

Join Raj “THE KETO COACH” at Pruvit Australia!
The Team Being Led by a Top Performer & Multi-Award Winner.

Pruvit Promoter Australia - Top Team of Distributors
  • No Experience Necessary – Anyone Can Join.
  • Work From Home – or anywhere.
  • Cash Rewards & Car Bonus (up to $1300 lease/finance payment)
  • Get Paid in USD!
  • Get a Referral Website | No Stocking Products
  • Full Team to Support You.
Pruvit Australia - Promoter

Want to Start Changing Peoples Lives for the Better?
While Making a Solid Income by Doing What You Love!


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Raj - Keto Coach - Top Pruvit Australia Promoter

Hi my name is Raj Patel (I am “The Keto Coach” from, and if you join to be a Pruvit Promoter with me in Australia, you not only get great support and guidance from an Award Winning Top Performer, but I will help you grow your Pruvit business with my experience and knowledge in ketosis and online marketing! 

Let me guide you to the top ranks! I support people all over the world from  Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Macau! 

Why Join Me? Raj – The Keto Coach

I have been with Pruvit since Jan 2016 and I am proud to say I was recently awarded top ranks at the latest Pruvit Awards Ceremonies in 6 categories . Let’s grow together in 2020 and beyond! I love sharing my experiences and know-how with my team. We are stronger together.

Pruvit Australia Promoter - Raj My Keto Coach

Get Expert Keto Advice from a Veteran in the Industry.

Full support from myself Raj (the Keto Coach from, a Keto Diet Expert with over 7 years of experience. I have helped over 4000+ people get healthy, and assist in their fat loss journey by building their ketogenic diet plans and workouts. In the last (almost 3 years) I have been using Keto OS MAX and Pruvit products to help a wider range of people achieve their health and financial goals.

Pruvit Australia Promoter - Raj My Keto Coach

Get Professional Online Marketing Advice from a 12 year Digital Marketer 

Before I started with Pruvit, my career was in digital marketing and branding for 12 years (probably how you found me)! I led the digital marketing department at a large fortune 500 company for many years. This is one thing I will help you with, is I can help you with your online presence, social media content, reaching new customers or promoters and more.

Pruvit Australia Promoter - Raj My Keto Coach

Join a Team that has been with Pruvit since they launched!

You want to ensure you join a top performing team (sponsor/upline) that knows this business, and has experience at being a Promoter with Pruvit to best support you. So they can answer all your questions and guide you to success based on their history with the company. Most people are coming in with no knowledge of this space – don’t be left with someone who can’t help. Myself and my up-line have been with Pruvit since nearly the start, and understand the compensation plan in and out, know the business in detail, and have the massive experience in this “keto space” unlike anyone else. I say we are the “dream team” just because we have helped so many people to success with this business by helping them every step of the way. One quick zoom or chat with me – and you will see how we are here to help you succeed.

Some tools you get access to – to help excel your business:

  • A private team group page where we share tips and support daily.
  • Pruvit Pulse app for notification of sales, promos and calls you can attend to learn more about the business from the leaders and medical professionals.
  • Lastly, we personally connect with you on facebook to help you in a personalized fashion. 
Raj - Keto Coach - Top Pruvit Australia Promoter


Let’s build the Pruvit business together in the Australia, and globally!

Join me, and our team as we climb the ranks at Pruvit while helping 1000’s along the way.

Email me at

Pruvit Australia Promoter – FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions I get before people sign up to be a Australian promoter.

What Does it Cost to Be a Keto OS Promoter in Australia? (aka Keto OS Distributor)

  • Cost is a $37 yr fee for back office access and the website you will get. Also a minimum purchase requirement. We want to make sure you are also using the product, since you are promoting it. You need to have minimum monthly personal order of 50 bv or an monthly autoship (SmartShip)  in place. (Example: 1 box of Keto OS NAT) to stay on as an active promoter. That’s it! Best thing is once you get 2 customers that also do a smartship – your own monthly product will be come FREE. 

Can a Current Customer in Australia Become a Pruvit Promoter / Distributor?

  • YES! A current customer can upgrade to a promoter status at anytime.

I Have Never Done This – What Do I Need to Do?

  • Your primary goal is to get peoples attention about this great product that is changing lives. You can do this by either telling them about your own experience and results with it, or give them a few samples – let them feel it for themselves. I find samples are the best way to make people believe in Keto OS NAT and the power it has.  Leverage your social profiles (facebook, youtube etc) to tell the world about it, placing your referral link there. As well if you are part of any forums – this is also a great place to share your link and experience.
  • After you sign up to be a promoter, you will get a referral link (Example: . This is where you tell anyone that is interested in learning more, or wants to buy KETO OS or want to sign up as a promoter to go! You don’t have to worry about stocking products, shipping, payments etc. Just give them your unique referral link and you get the commissions! It’s that simple. The referral site is the most important tool in your arsenal.
  • As well I connect with your personally, along with my full team to help you build your business. You don’t have to do this alone. We work as a team.

When Do I get Paid and How?

  • There are multiple pay periods: All bonuses are calculated on either a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual period (depending on the bonus). A pay “week” begins at 12:00am Monday morning and ends at 11:59pm the following Sunday. Times are based on the time zone of the PruvIt corporate office. A pay “month” is based on a calendar month.
  • Payment Method: Pruvit will pays in USD funds and they offer direct bank deposit! making it very easy.

How Can I Ensure My Success as a Promoter in Australia?

Well, I won’t post that info here – it’s only for people on my team. But success is all up to you. Be creative, be honest and you will be successful and change lives around you. It’s a great feeling. Honestly speaking, this product sells itself, just get people to try it that are serious about getting healthy – and they will feel it!

Need more info? See the Promoter Documentation

Here are some documents from Pruvit which have all the finer details. Compensation, free product program, car bonus, ownership share pool payouts etc.

Promoter Info & How it Works:

Prüvit does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Prüvit Promoter Opportunity. Each Promoters income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See Pruvit Income Disclosure Statement: